Unique and Exquisite Wholesale Birthstone Rings for Every Month

Posted on September 25th, 2019 01:00 PM
birthstone rings

Getting the right birthstone ring in the design of choice is easy with creative designs offered nowadays. There are many Wholesale Sterling Silver Jewelry stores selling fashion as well as customized rings with birthstones, or any other jewelry of choice, available at most jewelers.

The origins of birthstones of a month can be traced back to the Bible. The stones are supposed to have beneficial properties, and traditionally, many gemstones have been worn keeping in mind their metaphysical healing properties. We have included the list of birthstones with their respective metaphysical properties that can then be fashioned into Birthstone Rings of choice.

January Birthstone Rings - Garnet

Garnet comes in various shades of orange and red, which are the most common ones, and also clear, green, and black. Garnets symbolize faith, love, and constancy. These are energizing and revitalizing, and have been associated with helping one with stability.

February Birthstone Rings - Amethyst

Amethysts symbolize peace, temperance, serenity, and royalty. It is a popular choice for healers known to calm a restless mind and bring physical and mental well being, enhancing intuitiveness and clairvoyance and opening to psychic dimensions.

March Birthstone Rings - Aquamarine

Aquamarine is from the beryl family and comes in shades of pale blue, blue-green and deep teal. It improves anxiety while calming and enhancing the mood to bring peace.

April Birthstone Rings - Diamond

Diamonds symbolize purity, innocence, eternity and courage and are known as an energy amplifier, both positive and negative. The stone awakens intuition, stimulates the higher mind and raises awareness to the inner light.

May Birthstone Rings - Emerald

This deep green stone has always been much sought after and is thought to aid mental health by healing the heart with positive energy and love that the stone attracts.

June Birthstone Rings - Pearl / Alexandrite / Moonstone

Pearls are not gemstones and are created naturally by living organisms. Pearls are renowned for dignity, wisdom, calmness, integrity, and charity.

Alexandrite is extremely rare and changes color. The stone is known to have regenerative properties and improve self-reinforcement and self-esteem.

Moonstone is considered a healing stone, soothing emotional instability, and stress.

July Birthstone Rings - Ruby

Rubies are tokens of harmony and peace, and the stone is also known to overcome exhaustion, lethargy and impart potency and vigor. It is supposed to bring security and harmony to the person wearing it.

August Birthstone Rings - Peridot

Peridot can be vibrant to olive green and the lighter lemon green ones are expensive. Peridot is also known to increase assertiveness, confidence, and patience.

September Birthstone Rings - Sapphire

Sapphires symbolize dignity, loyalty, serenity, faith, purity, and wisdom. It is known as the wisdom stone and balances a person’s life physically, emotionally as well as physically.

October Birthstone Rings - Tourmaline or Opal

Opals can be multi-colored and are believed to increase imagination, inspiration, originality, and creativity.

Tourmalines are generally black but can be any color. It is supposed to reduce fear and also balances the yin-yang properties and is considered to be the physical bridge to the spiritual world.

November Birthstone Rings - Topaz / Citrine

Citrine and topaz are often mistaken for one another with similar coloring. Topaz is available in many colors and citrine has shades of yellow to dark orange. Topaz signifies strength, power, and protection and bestows abundance and practicality. Citrine is known to attract wealth and prosperity.

December Birthstone Rings - Tanzanite / Zircon / Turquoise

Turquoises are bright blue stones that are known to promote serenity, empathy, sensitivity, intuition, and create better self-awareness.

Zircon is confused with cubic zirconium which is different; zircons stimulate happiness and love and attract prosperity and confidence.

Tanzanite is a new stone and signifies spiritual healing and is supposed to connect with spirit guides and higher consciousness.

Birthstones are known to have beneficial metaphysical healing properties that one should use to their advantage by wearing the corresponding stone in Birthstone Rings or other types of jewelry.