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Posted on September 20th, 2018 02:17 PM
Wholesale Sterling Silver Jewelry

Silver – regarded as one of the most versatile of all precious metals is usually brighter in color as compared to the other white metals. Silver is generally associated with attributes such as success, glamour and wealth. Owing to its ductility and malleability characteristics, silver can easily be molded into a wire or beaten into sheets – which is why it’s considered to be the perfect metal for making all types of jewelry. Additionally, it’s often used as the ideal metal for complementing diamonds and other precious gemstones as well.

What is Sterling Silver Jewelry?

Pure silver – often referred to as fine silver – is relatively soft. Moreover, owing to the ease with which it can be shaped and transformed, it is not considered ideal for use in making jewelry. Another point to be noted is that being so soft, it’s easily prone to getting damaged and won’t be able to sustain everyday wear and tear. In order to produce a more durable product and make it usable for jewelry, silver is therefore commonly combined with other metals. Which is why sterling silver has become popular owing to their neutral nature and incredible value they offer.

Sterling silver usually comprises of 92.5 percent silver and 7.5 percent copper – although any other metal can also easily make up the 7.5 percent non-silver proportion as well. However, the reason why copper is selected is that it adds tenacity to the silver – improving the metal's hardness and durability – without affecting the color or shine.

What does 925 Wholesale Sterling Silver Jewelry mean?

925 sterling silver jewelry like 925 Sterling Silver Rings, 925 Sterling Silver Earrings etc is widely recognized as the international standard for sterling silver. Most, if not all, precious metals usually adopt a similar standard which indicates the amount of purity present in the alloy. For instance, let's consider 9-carat gold which is hallmarked with 375. This basically translates to 375 parts per thousand or 37.5 percent gold. Similarly, sterling silver is 925 parts per thousand or 92.5 percent silver.

Lavie Jewelz – what makes us special?

Lavie Jewelz invites you to shop one of the most stunning sterling silver jewelry collections online including handcrafted jewelry and gemstones. With emotion that celebrates the event of a lifetime, our stunning and exclusive sterling silver collection honors love & commitment with unmatched elegance and refinement. From the moment we opened our doors back in 2013, we've always championed creativity & craft and our delicately handcrafted rings, earrings, pendants, bracelets, and necklaces ­– studded with high-quality semi-precious stones – sparkle like a magnificent promise of eternity. It also needs to be mentioned that all silver from Lavie Jewelz is made of genuine 92.5 sterling silver.

Our contemporary, handmade sterling silver jewelry designs have captivated customers across the globe and you'll surely treasure our precious sterling silver jewelry and other high-quality materials. Using modern techno-craft techniques, we create distinct and appealing niche jewelry which will have you falling head over heels without causing ripples in your pocket. Moreover, unlike other silver Jewelry manufacturers, just because our prices are so reasonable & affordable does not mean we comprise on the quality of our jewelry.

We specialize in silver jewelry and hence we are able to procure silver at the best rates and, in turn, pass on the saving to you, our valuable customers.

At Lavie Jewelz, you can find yourself Wholesale Sterling Silver Jewelry Collection for any occasion as we are famed for offering classic to contemporary beautifully designed sterling silver jewelry. Whether it is a wedding, a cocktail party, Christmas party, or your anniversary, our 
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