Exquisite Gold Plated Jewelry Collection that Sparkles and Stuns

Posted on November 3rd, 2018 12:21 PM
Gold Plated Jewelry

Everyone loves jewelry, especially when it is of the gold plated kind. After all, the pieces you find under this variety are one-of-a-kind and stunning. But even though donning these pieces of jewelry are sure to make you feel like a goddess, it is not always easy to find exquisite pieces from the gold plated collection as many jewelers do not offer you this choice. At Lavie Jewelz, you don’t have to worry about this.

Here are a few exclusive pieces of jewelry from the Gold Plated Jewelry collection for those women who love art, fashion, love all things gold and want to stand out from the crowd in a sharp and elegant way.

Gorgeous rings that make accessorizing fun

This is one piece of jewelry that blends well with almost any outfit and complements any kind of occasion. You can find rings in a variety of shapes, colors and forms. This makes it easy for you to choose the one that matches your look effortlessly. You can pick different colored sapphire gold plated rings, raw gemstone, silver gold plated and black rhodium rings or even Herkimer diamond raw gemstone Gold Plated Rings, the choice is yours.

Attention grabbing pendants

Pendants help to draw attention to your neck area and décolletage which is ideal if these are your best features. It helps you effortlessly dazzle without even without trying. You can pick from an extensive variety of amethyst raw gemstone sterling silver gold plated pendants, moldavite Herkimer diamond ones, amazonite corundum ruby raw gemstone Sterling Silver Pendants and even rose quartz kynaite gold plated ones. Whichever suits your fancy and takes you by surprise, go ahead with that choice.

Subtle yet impressive necklaces

Necklaces are the ideal accessory to add the right amount of glamour and panache to your attire. In fact, this piece of jewelry decides whether you want to keep your look dramatic or understated. A well designed and intricately detailed necklace exudes the right amount of style and helps you earn rave reviews. The kyanite raw gemstone sterling silver gold plated necklace is the ideal example of this. It combines subtleness with a show stopping appearance and is a complete winner.

Enchanting earrings and stud earrings

For those with a fetish for earrings, the raw emerald, peridot gemstone, corundum sapphire and garnet raw gemstone silver Gold Plated Earrings and stud earrings are a real treat. Mixing and matching these pieces of jewelry with the right necklace and attire is sure to make you feel magnificently beautiful and marvelously stunning.

Charming bracelets that stun and how

Bracelets are the ideal piece of jewelry that makes a style statement on its own. They come in various classic and modern styles and suit any event just right. You can obtain gold plated bracelets for women that are aqua marine, sunstone, kyanite, blue kyanite, green kyanite, sky apatite, corundum ruby, emerald and tanzanite raw gemstone sterling silver Gold Plated Jewelry. These bracelets are sure to take your overall look up a notch and expand your jewelry collection in a desirable way.

At Lavie Jewelz, you obtain an extensive variety of skillfully designed and brilliantly detailed exquisite pieces under the gold plated jewelry collection. Besides this, we are also manufacturers and exporters of Rainbow Moonstone Jewelry. So you have a wide range of options and alternatives to pick from. Ultimately, you need to go with that piece of jewelry that impeccably blends in with your innate style and personality.

Rest assured, you are sure to find the ideal piece of jewelry that surely sends tongues wagging for all the right reasons.