Show your style statement with Wholesale Sterling Silver Jewelry

Posted on October 9th, 2018 02:48 PM
Show your style statement with Wholesale Sterling Silver Jewelry

When you are in love, the world looks rosy and beautiful. You appreciate anything with beauty and that is why you need to take a closer look at silver Jewelry. This Jewelry is perfect for your girlfriend, when you are ready to take your relationship to the next level, but still want some mystery to stay in your relationship.

Finding the Right Wholesale Sterling Silver Jewelry 
For a man, it can be confusing to select the right Jewelry. Thankfully, there is no wrong or right with Jewelry, as most women love it. Any Jewelry that you present to your girlfriend will have sentimental value and she will always cherish it. This said, don’t buy Jewelry for the sake of buying. Instead, spend time finding out her style and taste.

Talk to her friends and find out what she likes and dislikes. Also, strike up a conversation with your girlfriend about silver Jewelry and make mental notes as she expresses her likes. This way, you will be better informed to buy her right type of Wholesale Sterling Silver Jewelry. You can buy rings, necklaces, earrings or bracelets, and the Jewelry can be light, heavy, statement Jewelry, trendy, boho, vintage or contemporary.

Remember, if your girlfriend favours silver Jewelry, it is best to stick with silver rather than going in for gold or platinum. 

It is prudent to remember that there are unwritten rules for different types of relationships when buying Jewelry. Hence, you should be aware of these rules so that you don’t make a blunder.

Fresh and New Relationship
If you and your girlfriend have been going steady for a few months, the last thing you want to do is give her something significant and scare her aware. Also, you don’t want to jump too deep into the relationship without getting to know your girlfriend better.

Look for an occasion, like her birthday, Diwali, Christmas or New Year, and present her with silver Jewelry that denotes you care for her.

It should not spell love, not yet. So, you can opt for a simple necklace with a pendant that spells out her name. It would be the perfect gift that shows your girlfriend how much she means to you, but still does not bind you in the relationship. So, you still have an escape route if few weeks or months down the line you decide the relationship is not working out for you.

Getting Serious in the Relationship
After months of courtship and getting to know each other, you know that you are falling for her, but not yet ready to get married. Under these circumstances, it is no more you and I. It transforms to us. So, if you can push your relationship a notch to make it a little more serious by getting boyfriend and girlfriend Jewelry.

You can opt for a Larimar Silver Gemstone Rings for her and a Lapis gemstone 925 silver ring for yourself. Engrave a date that is special to both, or you can get a cute message engraved into the inner surface of the ring for her and get the same engraving in your ring.

Ready to Commit
Finally, when you are ready to commit and you want a long-term relationship, it is time to say I love you with Jewelry. This is the time to gift her Silver Gemstone Rings and matching bangle in silver. Not only will she love it, it will make her realize how special she is to you. You can hide a I Love You card in the gift box and ensure she reads it to understand the true depth of your feelings.

The Bottom Line
You can say anything you want with Jewelry. However, the key is selecting the right Jewelry to speak on your behalf. If you choose the wrong Jewelry, it could either push you into something you are not ready for, or you could ruin your relationship.

Silver Jewelry is classic and ensures it is the right choice for all occasions and events that life throws at you. Get your Wholesale Sterling Silver Jewelry with Lavie Jewelz!